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SoundNotion - #IrvingFine100

SoundNotion podcast, taped September 21, 2014

This week’s topics include:

  • This week on SoundNotion, Irving Fine Society founder and Library of Congress concert producer Nicholas Brownjoins the panel.

  • We discuss the wide variety of concerts (I didn’t know the LOC had concerts) offered at the library and their yearly commissions. Featured this year are George Lewis, Jefferson Friedman, John Adams, Jennifer Higdon, and Kaija Saariaho

  • Plus Nick tells us how the country is celebrating the Irving Fine centennial.

  • Apple says “Just take the U2 album. TAKE IT!” Some people don’t like U2.

  • The 2014 MacArthur Fellows have been announced. Congrats to jazz saxophonist/educator Steve Coleman.

  • Tired of having to hang with the poor and unwashed on Facebook and Twitter? Netropolitan is the answer you’ve been looking for. And the founder of this new one-percenter virtual country club is a conductor?…er…or something.

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